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  2. I'm trying to calculate the battery capacity (Amp-Hours) I need on my sailboat after adding a GPS and Radar. I can calculate the expected load from all the house loads, but I'm unsure as to how to add in the capacity requirements of starting the engine. To be clear, I understand the requirement for MCA (Marine Cranking Amps) to ensure that the engine starts. What I don't know how to estimate is how much that takes out of the batteries in terms of Amp-Hours. My guess is that it's pretty minor. Something on the order of 200 Amps for 30 seconds, which would be less than 2 Amp-Hours. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I appreciate the help.
  3. Interlux Perfection Plus two part Polyurethane varnish is a very hard durable finish that typically will last longer than regular varnish finishes. Awlgrip has Awlwood which is a primer then a topcoat varnish system that has been reported to last quite a long time, even in the Florida sun.
  4. So is Interlux Perfection the best and highest rated finish over bare teak. I have a 46ft with lots of teak which i have sanded bare. Looking for longest lasting with a finish similar to teak oil. Mike
  5. If you need a totally clear finish, no amber tint buildup with multiple coats then take a look at our Totalboat Envy varnish. It's a two part polyurethane varnish, quick dry and totally clear.
  6. Rick, Thanks for the stain information. Is the totalboat finish a clear coat, or does it have an amber cast? If I do a sample for my customer, i would like to use a clear epoxy which I have in the shop currently. Then if we can get the correct color finish, we can then purchase the real stuff, Totalboat. Thanks, Wooddude
  7. Thanks for the information.
  8. You could use 10 oz fiberglass cloth over the male plug to build up layers to about 3/16 to 1/4" thickness. Biaxial would be good but will not conform to tight radius around the keel and transom. After separation from the mold, I'd recommend some type of stringer and frames to provide more strength.
  9. When we first came out with Wet Edge we recommended thinning with a good quality mineral spirits but after further development and testing found that the Totalboat Thinner works much better and allows the paint to flow and lay down better. It is not mineral spirits, it's mostly naptha.
  10. If you are going to seal with Totalboat Penetrating Epoxy, use an alcohol or water based stain, let it dry at least 5 days then apply the penetrating epoxy. Be sure to do a test piece with the stain and epoxy first. Try the Varathane water based stain.
  11. I'm looking to build a small sailing/rowing dinghy using a sold FG layup over a male mold. The design (an 11' Wittholz) calls for cold molding, but I would rather build with FG vs. the fitting, stapling, etc. with the cold molding technique. I don't have a specific layup schedule so I'm trying to determine the best materials (biaxial cloth, what weight, etc.) to use with epoxy. I understand that the FG boat will be heavier, but maybe I can minimize that increase with the selection of the right materials. Any input appreciated
  12. You state it is thinned with mineral spirits and I saw it done in one of your videos this way. The website points you to the Special Brushing Thinner 100 for this job as well as clean up. Is the Brushing Thinner 100 just a private label mineral spirit? Can you thin the 1 part primer and total tread with mineral spirits also? I have already ordered the brushing thinner, I just want to know going forward if I can use mineral spirits for all the products? Thanks
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  14. Related question about finishing a new FIR Entry door. My customer will want a stain color on the wood before I apply any TotalBoat. What type of wood stain do you recommend? Water, Alcohol, oil? Any special dry time involved? Thanks, Wooddude
  15. Finishing the reconstruction of a 1957 Sea-Skiff and decided to replace the glass windows in the wooden frames. All of the old bedding has been scrapped out to the bare wood. The frames have been disassembled and sanded to make necessary repairs. The original bedding compound for the windows is a brown caulk which is best described as a waxy hard crayon like brown material. The bedding and reassembly of the windows must be done simultaneously due to the way the original construction was completed. The brown is necessary to blend into the wooden frames which will be varnished once assembled to the boat hull. What type of compound would be the best to complete the glass window bedding?
  16. I like to thin CPE with Acetone because it flashes off quicker. After that cures, sand smooth, it will puddle where the grain is tight and raise the grain in the soft areas so sand smooth first. Our Totalboat Gleam varnish is a good easy to use varnish that works well.
  17. You can apply Totalboat 2 part Epoxy Primer both inside and outside and below the waterline. You always want to apply a primer on top of epoxy for the best adhesion. The Interlux primekote is only for above the waterline. You could use Interlux 2000E for both. The 2 part epoxy primer is a good primer for either Brightside, Wet Edge or any 2 part polyurethane paint. The 2 part poly will last longer but is much more expensive.
  18. You can just scuff and spray if you are applying Awlgrip topcoat on top of Awlgrip topcoat, anything else needs the 545 primer.
  19. I want to apply TotalBoat Clear Penetrating Epoxy (CPE) to some older bare-wood boat seats. What do you recommend for thinner - Acetone, or Denatured Alcohol ? After the CPE cures, what varnish do you recommend for the best UV protection?
  20. I have a wooden, 14' row boat that has been stripped of all it's old paint, and sanded. I coated the whole inside of the hull with Totalboat Penetrating epoxy, and on the outside of the hull I covered with West Epoxy and fiberglass. Now I'm ready to start applying primer paint to both inside and outside. I want to make sure that the wood hull is completely protected from water, and the paint is tough enough, so that's why I was thinking to use epoxy primer. I was thinking to use Interlux Epoxy Primekote to cover the inside, and Interlux 2000-E Epoxy primer for the outside of the hull. What is the main difference between these two epoxy primers? Could I use the TotalBoat Epoxy primer for all surfaces inside and outside? Is this overkill, and too much epoxy paint, or could I just use regular topside primer instead of the epoxy? I have washed off any amine-blush, and sanded smooth all surfaces. After the primer I plan to use either Brightside Poly paint or WetEdge poly paint, but I'm unsure if either of these topside polyurethene paints are compatible with the epoxy primer? Would you recommend a 2-part poly finish paint, or just single part poly?
  21. It’s not the spraying that’s issue. It’s the time. Curious if there is a faster method. Blows my mind to spray anything and have to wait till the next day to prep all over again. I’m just painting add on items was curious if they could just be scuffed and sprayed in color. Or a 1 hour no sand sealer.
  22. You don't need to spray the 545, you can roll it. Wait a minimum of 12 hours sand then spray the Awlcraft 2000.
  23. You need to wait a minimum of 12 hours and sand before applying a top coat on 545 primer.
  24. Take a look at our Totalboat Clear Penetrating Epoxy. It is a low viscosity epoxy that will penetrate and seal the bark and wood. It can be brushed on and may work for your application.
  25. Hello all, I’m new to boat refinishing! I used to spray autos and such. I have a few parts to paint and curious if 545 Epoxy final primer can be sprayed like an automotive sealer? Meaning: I need a sealer to bond Awlcraft 2000 to a Nav/Satellite orb and a spot light housing. Must I spray, wait till the next day, sand and spray or can I let it dry an hour or more and just spray over it with the 2000 topcoat?
  26. Hello all, I’m new to boat refinishing! I used to spray autos and such. I have a few parts to paint and curious if 545 Epoxy final primer can be sprayed like an automotive sealer? Meaning: I need a sealer to bond Awlcraft 2000 to a Nav/Satellite orb and a spot light housing. Must I spray, wait till the next day, sand and spray or can I let it dry an hour or more and just spray over it with the 2000 topcoat?
  27. Thanks Rick, WOW That's more involved than I want to be in applying a coat on some bark. I just didn't want to be wasteful of product. Dipping or brushing on wont work either. I will rethink my bark application on the project. Thanks again
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