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  2. We did talk this morning Rick. I was checking to see anyone else had any experience. I have it down to just a couple of legs. I have one piece of 8/4 left, I might try to see if I can get a section out without checks. I planned to talk to MAS and see if they had any suggestions. If they have a light bulb go off above their head I will let you know. Thanks for responding. Bob
  3. Hi Bob, I think we spoke on the phone, normally we would recommend the Totalboat Penetrating Epoxy thinned 25% with acetone but I believe you wanted this wood to weather to a nature color. That may still happen if you sand the surface after the epoxy dries but I can't guarantee it would weather the way you want.
  4. I am building outdoor furniture out of cypress. The material was air dried and 8/4 that I milled down to about 1 5/8". I have found several checks in the material that I am using for legs. Most of the checks go less that 1/2" deep into the section. I would like to seal the checks but the cracks are too tight to get epoxy into them. Any recommendation on how to handle this would be appreciated. bob
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  6. YA, I was hoping that there was a planer that I could adjust to a better angle and a deeper cut.I have got to do 4 frames both sides, wish me luck and hope the wife will bring me something to eat now and then/
  7. Electric planer is the best way I know of. Other than that, a hand plane is a lot of work.
  8. I am trying to finish a 28 foot cabin cruiser that I got from an estate sale. It is in the framing stage and I just finished leveling it up. I now need to bevel the frames so I can attach the plywood bottoms. Is there an easy way or am I stuck using my elec. planer.
  9. Not sure, usually what happens if you use 5200 on the seams and the wood shrinks, it cracks the planks. I don't know why the 5200 would crack unless it was thin in that area and or there wasn't good adhesion for some reason.
  10. I am restoring a 1950 CC Riv. and replacing about 80 percent of the wood, I have put a 5200 bottom on it with new planks then when the 5200 was set up I filled all the screw holes,sanded and then applied 2 coats of CPES and about 3 months later I applied 3 coats of Interlux 2000e I have notice in some areas the 5200 seam is cracking what would be causing this and what can I do to fix it ?
  11. Clean well, sand with 80 grit, clean with acetone then apply 2 thin coats of Totalboat Total Bilge.
  12. What would be the best paint for painting the bilge of a sailboat and how do I prep it?
  13. Unfortunately Awlgrip is very difficult to repair and the smallest quantity sold is a quart. You can't buff out awlgrip because it will scratch it and remove the high gloss. If it's just a few small scratches you could use an artist brush and paint them in. The best remedy is to bring it to a professional shop.
  14. Looking for the best remedy to touch-up small scratches in my flag-blue Awlgrip finish...thanks
  15. Ok, thanks for the picture. I see what you mean. My recommendation is to grind that out beveling the edges out about 2 to 3 " beyond the damage. Clean well with acetone. Cut out 1708 biaxial cloth to fill the damage area, first layer just a little bigger than the inside of the hole, the next larger to overlap the first, then another larger lay up until you covered the whole area and are almost out to the edge. Lay it up with 5:1 epoxy resin. You can finish the last layer with 4 or 6 oz fiberglass cloth for a smoother finish. Let that cure up overnight. Then wash with water in case there is any amine blush, sand with 80 grit, then clean well with acetone. Then you can use a polyester fairing compound to fair out the area. When that is cured, sand smooth, clean with acetone and then gel coat over to finish.
  16. That did seem like lot of Ques when I looked back, feel free to ignore gunwales ques. I'm not questioning your advice RickW: but I've heard that epoxy is "stickier" and more waterproof, so it's because I want gelcoat on outside and only polyester works for this?
  17. If you are going to use gel coat as a finish coat use polyester resin or out Polyester Fairing compound. It would help if you could send a couple pictures.
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