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  1. Technically you need to spray only with Awlcraft. If you are only doing doing a real small area you can try to roll it with a foam roller and see how it comes out.
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  2. I would spray the areas without non-skid first. Let that cure at least 5 to 7 days. Then tape off the areas to had non skid applied and do that.
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  3. You can apply Totalboat 2 part Epoxy Primer both inside and outside and below the waterline. You always want to apply a primer on top of epoxy for the best adhesion. The Interlux primekote is only for above the waterline. You could use Interlux 2000E for both. The 2 part epoxy primer is a good primer for either Brightside, Wet Edge or any 2 part polyurethane paint. The 2 part poly will last longer but is much more expensive.
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  4. Rick, I wanted to report back to say, "thank you" because the project turned out beautifully. I sanded what I could, moved the whole project into another (warmer) room, re-coated it twice (it had to become a "pour over" edge, but that's OK), and it hardened perfectly. The difference in the mixing of these product was quite dramatic when compared to my first attempt, when everything was a little too cold. the first time, it was very difficult to stir and to spread. Once I had everything warmer, it stirred and mixed very smoothly, poured very evenly, and hardened as it should have. I am really happy with my new tabletop and I am already planning out my next project. I think I would have given up if it had not been for your replies here. Thanks ever so much! Christine
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  5. If the graphics are the vinyl press on type, then applying heat with a hair dryer will soften it so you can carefully scrap it off.
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