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  1. Alan This would depend on which Zspar product you have used. If its a hard bottom paint( non-ablative) it will require sanding. If its an ablative paint you can simply wash it with water and then paint right over it.
  2. I'd see if a glazier had such an item, it seems like a product they would carry for wind screen installation.
  3. The total strip will probably work on Awlgrip if you sand the surface first and then cover it with saran wrap and leave it overnight before scraping...That is a recipe that is easier than sanding it all off. Good Luck
  4. Bleaching the wood will resolve dark staining and neutralize any fungus that may be in evidence. After bleach the wood must be rinsed with a lot of fresh water, Of course the water will raise the grain and may incidentally fill minute imperfections. The real purpose of the bleach is to kill fungus and remove the old stain. You will still need to sand and prepare the surface for both stain and varnish. I hope this helps clarify the process
  5. If the raw teak is dark gray or black using an oxalic acid wood bleach prior to refinishing will kill the fungus and ensure better longevity going forward.
  6. The kiwi grip should be ok over the poly as long as it has fully cured. As far as the tape goes if you have tight radius's its best to lay down a thin(1/2") fine line tape and then go over that with the 3/4 or 1" blue tape so that you have ample protection. I hope this has helped Good luck with the project.
  7. The traditional way to fix this would be to apply 8 spot coats then feather and then overcoat the entire piece to cover the lap marks. In todays world you would have the option to use an epoxy that would still need multiple coats of varnish over it to provide UV protection. Either way the repairs are often still noticeable because the colors will not match perfectly.
  8. Have you considered the Fein Multimaster? It's a triangular pad but its very aggressive and fits well in corners.
  9. If you use a finish like varnish, they will be slippery, raw teak has non-slip characteristics that will make the ladder safer. If you want to finish them so they appear like the rest of the interior you can put clear non-skid tape on them to keep everyone safe.
  10. The part gripping the wood looks like a tee -nut. I know they are available in certain sizes through JDistributors.
  11. What is the synthetic teak deck made from? Is it strong enough to accept the load from the mainsail? I would use backing plates under the deck rather than just washers especially at the ends of the track and at the midship point. You could run a teak trim piece under the track on deck to spread the load and for insurance run a bead of Sik 295uv under both the teak and the track.
  12. Check your local Craigslist for an independent contractor willing to use your materials...If you go to a Pro Shop like New England Fiberglass in CT, they would probably not want to use your materials.
  13. Could you use a flexible hose with a thick wall?
  14. Sunbrella is better than Canvas CE Smith T-Top Canvas Canopy Covers 2.0 (1 review) Read 1 Review Write a Review CE Smith T-Top Canvas Canopy Covers are constructed from rugged and weather resistant Sunbrella fabric. The canopy covers are easy to install and includes white lacing. Select from six colors to coordinate with your boat. 59 inches wide x 82 inches long. Fits only CE Smith T-tops.
  15. My boat has a molded gelcoat cove stripe that was once brilliant gold paint, over the years it has grown dull and turned a greenish color. Does Jamestown have a simple to use one part paint that can fix this??