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  1. So we are getting ready to strip all the exterior teak on our Bayliner 4588 and prep it for new varnish. It isn't too bad most places but there are a lot of spots that the varnish has failed and the teak is exposed. I have always use Jabsco Paint Stripper and plastic scrapers. But it has been some time since I have done any. Was wondering if anyone has any tricks or new products and methods that they would care to share. I don't like heat as the Cetol on the teak now is thick and I am concerned about burning the wood so that is out. Looking forward to bringing the teak back to the luster it once was. Thanks for your input.
  2. Thanks, I will give it a try. There are some bad spots but it beats having to take it all the way down and do a complete job, if it will look good. Now I only need wait until the weather warms up. Wish there was a varnish that worked below 50 degrees, Here in the PNW we are in the 20's at night and 30-50 during the day.
  3. The teak on our boat for the most part looks great. However, there are spots where the varnish has bubbled and in some small areas, maybe 3-5 inches by 1 inch, it has lifted and the teak is gray. Is it possible to sand these areas, featheriing the good varnish and then fill in with new varnish? I realize that it may require sanding and polishing of the final layers to level. But would perfer to not strip all the teak and start over. I can take some pictures and post if that would help. Thanks in advance.