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  1. Many thanks to H. and R. I never thought of rinsing the inside of the mast... I am sure you are right that dust and dirt would stream out of all sorts of places while rotating the mast.... great tip! Don Casey is the best and recommends the use of an impact driver.... that really helps. Rick, I do not believe that the mast was ever anodized. There are many streaks and bare spots on the spar where the halyards have chafed against the aluminum over the years, but the mast and stainless steel fittings are substantial and appear to be in great shape. Thanks for the info from Interlux and the link address.
  2. Thanks for the reply and the number for Davis.... I have a feeling that your right. I'll let you know what they say
  3. I am thinking of painting a 60' +/- bare aluminum spar that is part of the original equipment on a Tartan 41. I just finished reading an article by Don Casey on the procedure for painting the spar using two part epoxy paint such as Interlux Perfection. Don makes the whole thing sound like a piece of cake, but after spending several hours trying to remove hardware attached the mast I am starting to have my doubts. The mast is out of the boat for the winter and I do not want to miss an opportunity to do everything possible to properly maintain the spar and the rigging. I do not know when I will get the chance to work on the mast again while it is out of the boat. Any suggestions and shared experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Tom 201-707-1686
  4. The bearings on my "vintage" Kenyon masthead anemometer wind cup unit appear to have failed. Kenyon is no longer in business and I would like to keep the instrument panel located on the Edison steering pedestal in the cockpit. Would another model anemometer masthead wind speed unit (Such as a Davis unit) work with the old Kenyon indicator? Thanks, Tom 201-707-1686