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  1. I'm planning to replace rotten balsa core in the deck of my sailboat. I'm looking to use either Corecell A500, M80 or 5lb Divinycell. I have questions about which is the best material for the application. The area is located in the deck forepeak aft of the forestay chainplate and forward of the spinnaker pole downhaul attachment point. Main loading is from crew standing in this area and or sitting on the bow pulpit. Is there any performance difference of note between Corecell A500 or M80? How do these materials compare against Divinycell? How much curve can I put in a 48" span using plain 1/2" sheet? How much less curve will 3/4" take? Can I hand cut a few cuts in a "V" pattern to effectively make a conical bend to match the curve of the deck? How deep of a cut is recommended to facilitate the bend? Your learned comments are appreciated.