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  1. I've got an old (unknown age) kevlar canoe which has small surface cracks on the outer hull bottom and bilge area. I'm assuming the cracks are from the hull flexing as there are no cracks on the sides. I do not know if the surface is a colored epoxy, gel-coat or paint. The cracks are tight with no separation from the hull. How do I determine what the surface is? Then what can I do to fix the problem? Mike
  2. I'm using spar-varnish on my wooden canoes. After opening a can and pouring out what I'll need I replace the cover. A day later or so when I reopen the can I always find a layer of semi-dry varnish on the surface. I'm assuming that the air that gets in the can is reacting with the varnish. Is there any way to eliminate or reduce this problem? Mike
  3. I heat my shop with a wood-stove. The output is not constant and the shop temp changes maybe 40 degrees in a 24 hr period. How will the constantly changing temp affect the quality of the epoxy as it cures. I can keep the shop above 40 as long as the outside temp remains above 0. The temp can get as high as 75 during the day. I'm using Silvertip resin with both slow and fast hardners