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  1. Thank you for the information. I purchased Epifanes Varnish and CPES from you previously and used it on my cherry front door. That was three years ago and it is standing up fine so far. It does have some protection, but the old finish had failed a long time ago. I notice that your new epoxy sealer is low VOC. Is it as effective as the Smith's. Jim
  2. I have been refinishing benches in the woods for a non-profit arboretum. I saw an article on youtube that used a mix of 30% spar urethane and 70% teak oil. I have typically used CPES as a sealer. My questions are: 1. Will the CPES work as a base before applying the teak 0il/varnish finish? 2. Are all teak oil finishes the same? 3. What finish would you recommend for continually exposed fir, white oak, yew, and other woods. Thank you in advance. James Marshall