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  1. That might work. Thanks for the idea.
  2. Building a 14' creek boat with an open floor and raised bow deck (about 4'). I'd like to put a rod tube on each side at the top of the face of the bulkhead at the back edge of the bow deck. This would allow a 9' fly rod to be laid down along the gunnel with several feet of its tip up inside the covered bow. Similar to the way drift boats are put together. The opening to the tube will be up against the side of the hull and the tube will be turning with the curve of the bow. I need some kind of material that can be bent/flexed to take that curve and will provide a smooth inner surface for the rod/line guides to slide. The tube will be installed and foamed in place prior to the bow deck going on. So the tube doesn't need to be incredibly strong. 'Just needs to stay there long enough for me to foam it in. Need 1.5" to 2" diameter and about 4' lengths. Any idea? Schedule 40 PVC is way to stiff. I have seen but, cannot find, much thinner pvc tubing that might be used for a drain line in zero pressure applications.