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  1. Thanks for this ... I raised the question on this forum because I believe JD is a BOMAR dealer and i read somewhere, (that) BOMAR bought out PYHI and are still producing certain products previously made by PYHI ... I don't know if they are still producing the Port-lights I have on my boat. I guess the only way to find out if the two halves will separate is to "give it a try" and hope I don't destroy the frame as a consequence because it will prove very costly to replace all Port-light should that happen.
  2. A GFCI will protect ALL outlets "downstream" ... providing it is properly connected. Be sure to read and understand the instructions otherwise, do as I did and hire a marine electrician to either check your work or do the installation. A faulty connection could cause you more pain than the cost of having it done correctly in the first place.
  3. Can you please give me a product name and part number for the following: ... I'm in need of a pair of spring supported stand-up blocks for my inner jib sheets. They need to be attached to a sliding "car" with adjustable pin stops for use on a 3/4" track and accept a 5/16" to 3/8" (max) braided sheet line. ... Thanks for your help.
  4. I have a PYHI rectangular (5.5" x 12.5" cut-out) plastic opening port-light that suddenly and without warning has taken to allowing a copious flow of water between the lens and its frame. i relate this problem to the exceptionally hot weather we are currently experiencing. This is one of eight ports and I'm concerned the other seven may do likewise. Inspection of the "frame" shows a series of what looks like plastic "studs" around the sealing face of the frame, and a parting line around the periphery. Question: is it possible to separate the two halves of the frame by sliding a thin knife-like wedge into the parting line to "pop" the two halves apart? If I succeed in doing this, what type of sealant should I use to resolve the leak?