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  1. Is'nt this one of the items I listed?
  2. Could you please send a link for each of these items..Thanks
  3. Thanks for getting back. I am sending a pic of each. The nylon washer needs to be BLACK. The rubber grommet ( I can send measurement) fits into plexiglass windshield from the inside with the flange on the inside. Also need the #8 or #10( not sure) x 1 1/4" stainless oval head phillip screws . Also need the same screw with some of the countersunk stainless finish washers. Could you send me a clickable link for each. Thanks again Rick cguyfish
  4. I am looking for off white countersunk nylon washers that have a hole for a #10 screw. Also need the rubber inserts that go into windshields that have a flange on one end. Thanks so much.