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  1. Just wanted to say how impressed my wife and I are with your new product TotalStrip paint stripper. Our '77 Tayana 37 has about 5 coats of topside paint, as well as some gritty non-skid mixed in. We want to do a 2-part Perfection on the coach roof and needed to remove all the old 1-part first. This stuff works great, and my only regret is that you didn't sell it when we stripped all the old Cetol off the teak last summer with a heat gun and putty knife. 1 gallon took care of about 20 square feet consisting of multiple layers, and we found the it works better in several thin coats (scraping in between) than the instructions recommended using one heavy application. We could see it working in as little as 10-15 minutes, but got the best results after about an hour. We're currently patiently awaiting the shipment of two more gallons which should finish off our topside project. Good stuff, thanks again. -Rich VanDusen 1977 Tayana 37 hull #91