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  1. We have a good amount of varnished teak on the exterior of our 35' sailboat kept in FL. Previous owners had stripped it to bare wood and use cetol natural and then cetol gloss. We had good results with this with 2 annual maintenance coats of cetol gloss for 8 years. The only issue was that it was hard to fix a spot that had to be sanded to bare wood without it being obvious that is what was done (color didn't match). Last fall we stripped the toerail to bare wood and went with 8 coats of epiphanes. The epiphanes is quite sensitive to dew at night (hard to find a night that does not dew here in FL) and also is not holding up all that well, we already have spots worn thru to bare wood in less than a years time. We need to do cockpit surrounds and cabin top rails this fall so I am starting the search for the best option. What are the thoughts of the new total boat Lust Varnish for long term adhesion to bare teak? How is it expected to wear compared with cetol or epiphanes? Second question - can it be applied over epiphanes in good condition?