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  1. As part of our effort at JD to understand and recommend the very best and most effective (and economical) bottom paint for your boat, we invite you to take part in our BOTTOM PAINT SURVEY. Your completed survey will tell us about how your paint performed this season. Knowing what works in your own harbor or berth is vital to antifouling bottom paint success, and experience is a key factor. By taking part in our survey, you help us understand what is working and not working in your location AND you help populate a super cool, live interactive MAP showing who used which paints, on what kind of boat and where. Their paint's success or failure and their opinion about the paint performance is right on the map. Add your bottom paint story to the map, compare to other local boaters and learn from the crowd. Be a part of our bigger research on which paint works best, and where. Your input helps us continue to give the best bottom paint advice out there! TAKE THE SURVEY SEE THE LIVE MAP of RESULTS Check out the Early Results from RWU Bottom Paint Research Then JOIN the discussion here about the science, environmentalism, and effectiveness of paint in this forum. We can all learn from each other! Thanks!