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  1. Approx how much paint should I order? 23 ft boat From the chine to the rubrail will be one color, the stern and topside will be white. Transom bumpout already painted. Center console, rail is approx. 10 inches all around. bottom already painted. Formula 233 if that helps. I will be spraying unless that proves to be too difficult Thanks
  2. Awesome, Thanks. Going to be new gelcoat anyways
  3. Can I apply this over gelcoat?Reviews only mention primers. If I lightly sand gel is it ok?Thanks
  4. Found this helm on ebay. If cables are made-to-order (ex big T cables), why couldn't rack cables be made to order with racks on both ends?
  5. Yes that was the plan if feasible
  6. Is it possible to remove the push-rod and install the rack from another cable myself, or is it fixed on there? Thanks
  7. Is it possible to get rack steering cables with a rack on both ends??
  8. Is it possible to install the BIG T dual station helm now, if I plan on adding the 2nd station later? I guess what I'm asking is would I have to get a new cable again after I am ready to install the 2nd station? I assume the same inner cable feeds from the motor all the way through to the 2nd station
  9. Awesome, thanks If my inner skin is still in-tact is it safe to use that, and bed the same way as the outer skin?
  10. was considering replacing transom with coosa board, but having trouble finding info about bonding. I know its not necessary to fiberglass coosa, but shouldn't I use a epoxy/filler mix to bed the coosa to the skin?
  11. Thanks! How many layers cloth if I use 10 oz? I will probably stick with the A500, as I will be reinforcing with prisma-beams
  12. Good morning all, This will be my first attempt fiber glassing, have done my research and read the west-system manual front to back and feel comfortably prepared. My biggest roadblock is what weight cloth to use in this scenario. If anyone has a recommendation, that would be great! I attached a pic, not sure if it worked. If you can see, somebody obviously "fixed" the core damage by simply carpet-gluing some sheathing overhead, then glued carpet back over it and here I am. Have not decided to replace with A500 foam or 1/4" plywood yet. Any opinions there is great too! The deck overhead is semi-load bearing, so I will be installing prisma-beams over this work afterwards Thanks for helping everybody