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  1. hi. i'm going to re-gelcoat a Red 1 ft wide stripe that goes all around a 22ft open bow boat. is it best to spray or roll? then after of course i need to water sand and buff and wax for the final finish. thx.
  2. Mattle. there are also Semco which is a teak sealant and comes in 3 different colors (Clear, Natural, Goldtone) it looks like dirty water and will absorb into the wood. Teak will look like new for a long time and it will required re-applying after a cupel of months depending how your weather is where you are. good luck.
  3. Mattle. Cetol is a synthetic "varnish" with pigment in it to reflect sunlight and uv rays. If you are looking for a low maintenance and durable wood protection and low cost it is the way to go. They now got a new "color" Natural Teak and it looks exactly like any other varnish. Much less coats is required and only re-applied once a year. If you want a 2 part varnish you are best stripping all varnish and start from scratch. Good Luck.