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  1. Hi, Got it. If I am OK with some fouling, but still want to protect the bottom from water intrusion, can I paint the Underdog now, knowing it is well before the launch window? I ask because our other boats are lifted out of the water in the Fall and show very little bottom fouling. And, we still have a fair amount of work to do once the boat is right side up; so I really hope to not have to flip it again before launch. Thanks again.
  2. Hi, I have followed your advice and have had good results. Thank you. The Whaler has been sprayed several coats of Wet Edge and is now ready for Underdog. We sprayed the Wet Edge because the first coat of roll and tip showed too many brush marks. A $25 dollar Harbor Freight gravity sprayer did a great job. My question: can we apply the bottom paint now when the boat is upside down even though we'll miss the launch window by six months? Can I just abrade the bottom paint with a Scotch Brite pad just before the Spring splash to refresh the anti fouling? Thanks again.
  3. Hi, Got it. Last question: since I'll be applying bottom paint, can I substitute Wet Edge Top Side paint for the two part poly without giving up too much? My assumption is the single part will be easier, less expensive and less toxic, but still provide a nice finish and good protection. I have had good experience so far with your JD Total Boat products. Thanks again.
  4. Hi, Thanks. I appreciate your counsel and will do as you recommend. Just a couple of final questions: do I apply the JD Underdog over the Total Protect or the two part poly? And, given the unusual bottom of an old Whaler, where does the bottom paint stop and the top side paint begin? I marked the wetted area on the bottom. Thanks again.
  5. Hi, This is my first post, hopefully I have got the program right. I am restoring a 1968 13 foot Whaler. I have cleaned, de waxed and sanded the bottom. I have filled the dings and dents with Total Fair and plan next to apply Total Protect. After washing and sanding the first coat I will glaze with 3M putty. Then, a couple more coats of Total Protect. After that, I had hoped to apply a two part polyurethane, but no bottom paint. The boat will sit in the St Lawrence all Summer. Finally, my question: Is this approach OK or must I paint on an anti foul bottom paint? Thanks.