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  1. Can you tell me which type of paint is best for a lapstrake hull ? Polyurethane or Enamel ? Which paint is least likely to crack ? Thanks,
  2. I am painting a wooded plywood lapstrake Lyman with Epiphanes Yachy Enamel. -What is the best model/make of brush to use ? -How important is the brush quality when applying the two coats of primer ? Thank you, paul
  3. I have a 1955 Lyman runabout. I just took the hull down to bare wood. The boat is fastened wth copper rivets. By taking her down to wood, the rivets heads on the exterior of the boat sit flsh with the wood...not recessed. What primer/paint scheme is recommended to begin painting. I do not know what primer wil adhere best to bare copper ? Thanks,
  4. Paint that is, pardon the wooden boat pain pun. Anyway, I have just wooded the hull of my 15 Lyman. Can you outline layering process (primer, filler, 1-2 top coats) and choice of products best suited to this wooded hull ? The more people I speak to, the more opinions I get. I need to hear from a professional. Thank you,
  5. I have a 1966 wooden hull Lyman. I have tightened up the fastenings (bronze screws) below the water line... What should I use to cover and seal the screw heads prior to bottom painting ? Thanks, Paul