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  1. Hi guys, I live in Florida and locally trailer my boat - no long hauls. It gets occasional weekend use a day or two at a time, the rest of the time it's in the driveway covered with a quality boat cover and under a canopy. I'm looking to varnish the trim and brightwork and I'm considering the Z Spar Flagship gloss but I'm open to recommendations for anything that may have better longevity and ease of application. Considering the boat's use and exposure, what's the lifespan I can expect on the finish with a little maintenance? I'm tired of the cleaning and oiling cycle that doesn't seem to extend beyond a couple months even with my limited boating schedule. And additionally, with cap rails or grab rails permanently mounted to the deck, are their any tips for a good seal to prevent moisture getting under the wood (between wood and gellcoat) and spoiling the finish? Or don't I need to worry about that? Thanks, Jeff