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  1. I have a 1987 38 ft Fiberglass boat that at some point in its life has had the transom banged up . I have repaired all the cracks and dings with fiberglass and Epoxy using Interlux watertite filler and faired smooth and ready to prime. I am going to use Interlux Perfection white above the water line . My question is since it has quite a few places on the transom , I was thinking of priming with Interlux Interprotect with 5 or 6 coats and sand smooth and apply the perfection above the water line only , I want to make sure it sealed up tight due to having to grind the gelcoat off in so many places, I would say a 1/4 of the transom has been repaired from damage and or crazing . Any and all thoughts are welcome Thanks Jamie