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  1. I just coated my sail-drives with West System 422 barrier coat additive in epoxy, but do not take that as a recommendation. My boat is in a 3rd world country where nothing else was available. Que sera, sera.
  2. In a Cruising World article, it was stated, " On drives that have already been submerged in salt water, another hidden enemy lurks: soluble salts, which are invisible and tasteless. These microscopic particles cause premature paint-system failure and must be cleaned away before any epoxy or paint is applied. The trouble is, these particles are difficult to clean off. In fact, a typical boatyard pressure washer won’t remove them. Yanmar, for example, recommends both a test kit and a biodegradable neutralizing wash made by Chlor-rid Corporation ( If you’re recoating a saildrive, this step is super important to ensure that the coating stays on the aluminum." Chlor*Rid does not come in quantities that are useable for a saildrive application prior to applying an epoxy barrier except for a boatyard that does that work. Are there any other salt solvents available? One recommendation is sanding before the exp0oy starts to set up to assure adhesion. How about steam cleaning?