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  1. Hi Rick, Thanks for your prompt reply! I am using the slow hardener, so that should be okay. The thing I'm not sure about is the amount I need to mix in order to fill the required volume. Is it a straightforward rectangular volume calculation same as if you're filling it with water or is there a different formula to use for the resin? Thanks!
  2. Hello, I’m getting ready to make some large castings using Entropy's Super Sap CCR. It’s my first time using their product. I plan to use a vacuum chamber to degas the mixture before pouring (I assume that’s required given the large volume I'm casting?) I just have a quick question about measuring the right (approximately) amount to mix. The casting is of rectangular pieces that I’ve framed. They’ll be of various sizes but I’ll use one as an example. 24″ x 19″ x 0.5″ (length x width x depth of resin I’m looking for). If I calculate the volume of water in a container that size and it comes out to be about a gallon (slightly under). Is this correct for resin as well or is there a different formula to use? Thanks! Steve