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  1. I have a 80 year old catboat. When it was originally built ( I am told) it had a bronze centerboard. This was given up for the war effort in World war 2. When the boat was rebuilt in the early 70's Concordia apparently built the slot a little small - as if the boat was going to have a bronze board again. However, They built a mahogany drift pin board instead. Over the years the has swelled up, jamming in the centerboard slot. The boat yard then sanded the board down thinner to make it through the slot. This would work, but eventually it would swell up again. The last sanding is coming perilously close to the drift pins. I would like to sand the board down even more then route channels in the mahogany parallel to the drift pins and then run a couple layers of carbon fiber tape into the channels. This should give me back up support to the aging and too close to the surface drift pins. I would also like to sheath the whole board in a single layer of carbon fiber - thus the pre-sanding to n=make the board slightly thinner. I am looking for opinions to this approach. Yeah if I could and could afford it I would make a full bronze board but the thing is 4 feet high and 6 feet long. Is 2 layers of carbon tape enough, or should I do more ?