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  1. Good day- would someone know the color differences between the following three sealers; TotalBoat Wood Sealer Varnish Primer, Interlux Interprime; and Pettit EZ WoodSealer 2018. I will be using 2 coats and then covering with 2 coats of TotalBoat LUST. Thanks!
  2. Has anyone an idea where I can get a bow light/flagstaff in the attached picture? I have been looking for years! Thanks
  3. Hi- Thanks for the quick reply. What about the 20% moisture versus humidity issue???
  4. Good afternoon, I have a 1963 Penn Yan wooden lapstrake that had its bottom replaced about 15 years ago. Paint adheres to all original strakes just fine. For the last 15 years, the "new" strakes don't hold onto the paint anywhere as well as the original. The new strakes are of similar material (plywood). I have tried belt sanding the new strakes to the bare wood and priming, then painting (white and copper bottom). Looks great but by the end of the season (3 months) it is peeling. I was going to try again with TotalBoat Primer and WetEdge. Sanding to bare wood first. Couple questions... primer states not to use above 90% humidity and less than 20% surface moisture (of wood).. Humidity I understand (Massachusetts). Surface moisture??? With one of those unreliable meters??? Should I doo something else to the bare wood before priming to assure adhesion??? Thanks