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  1. Thank you for your reply. I do have some #333 Brushing Liquid. But my ultimate question is/was: can I use the #333 to thin the Yacht Enamel, if the Yacht Enamel already has Penetrol in it? Or, does that mixture of #333 and Penetrol have adverse affects? Thanks again, I buy a lot of stuff from you folks....
  2. Hello - I was recently painting my hull on a warm day with some wind. As the paint (Interlux yacht enamel) was drying quickly, I added some penetrol to the paint. I am now about to apply my final coat and I want that coat to be super thin so I wanted to add some mineral spirits (or Interlux 333) to the paint. The penetrol is still mixed in to the remaining paint - can I mix in a bit of mineral spirits into the remaining paint that already has the Penetrol in it? Thank you.