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  1. Rick, Have not yet torn into the deck but suspect the underlying wood skeleton which the plywood and teak sits on top of is also in need of replacement before the new plywood is put down. Not sure what to expect but if these support beams/stringers are in need of replacement would the prisma premade stringers be a good option? Thank you.
  2. Rick, Appreciate the feedback and recommendations for the replacement on surface options but was more interested in materials for replacing the old wood underneath. I was considering marine grade plywood sealed with an epoxy? Regards
  3. On background, have an older Pacemaker MY that is 95% fiberglass except decks which are teak over plywood. Of course these are beautiful but are a nightmare to maintain and always leak. Some areas have become spongy and have decided to remove and replace deck but replace with new material that will provide a long lasting solution. Looking for options and similar projects. Thank you.