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  1. I'm about 80% finished with building a wooden stitch & glue, fiberglass cloth, MAS epoxy/resin coated, 7'3'' Tender Behind dingy. The square footage of coverage needed, I'm not sure, except that the boat was constructed from three 4'x8' sheets of plywood, minus the crop. I'd prefer to brush out the entire boat and the customer is set on my using Interlux Perfection, but I feel this is an inappropriate choice, because this little boat has too many time consuming surface angles, nooks and crannies to coat inside and I doubt I could brush it all out before the paint started setting up. I don't have a paint booth, I have a small garage and from the looks of the of the MSDS on this stuff, it doesn't look like chemicals involved are something I'd want to breath in or get on my skin. So I'd like to stay away from paint requiring a catalyst. Another issue is that being newly constructed, I feel the surface should also be coated with a primer before the finish coat is applied. This customer would like the inside coated with a non-glare white and outer hull coated in a glossy royal blue. Recommendations would be appreciated. Thank you, Rick