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  1. Good Morning, I am restoring an older boat with numerous holes in the transom where assorted sensors and other equipment were mounted on the transom. I have removed the equipment and want to plug the holes with the Thixo I bought from JD, will this be acceptable ? What prep do I have to do to paint/gelcoat over the filled holes ?
  2. I have replaced the Stringers in my boat. In an attempt to waterproof the new stringers I coated them with total boat penetrating epoxy. I have read where people are able to gelcoat over epoxy that has been cleaned of amine blush and sanded. From limited knowledge I think Gelcoat is a polyester product .......... So can i layup fiberglass and csm/biax to tab the prepared (washed and sanded) epoxy coated stringers ? Is there an added step ? or do I have to stick with 5:1 for the tabbing. and encapsulating , after also cleaning and sanding. .........