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  1. Wow Rick, thank you for that information. So work everything from the INSIDE. OK. I am not sure what the thickness of my cloth is so will probably run down to my local Boatyard and ask for some scrap 6oz. Thank you again. Actually, you know, I will order my GFlex from you and if you have small quantities of Cloth, that too. Your customer service here on the Interweb is fantastic. What a service. I have posted on Bottom Paint for my Dyer. I'd like to send you some Pictures of the Flaking in the Cabin and Cockpit to find out if I just paint or will need to learn how to work with Gelcoat. Thank you again. Bill
  2. Here is another picture.
  3. So here are two pictures of my failed repair. One shows clearly, the layer of 3M Marine Premium Filler that I used to fair in the repair. I didn't want the Fiberglass cloth to overlap the edge of the hole because then it would be impossible to make it "undetectable". Perhaps it is because of this that the interior layer of Fiberglass Cloth and the exterior layer may not have boded? The interior was done first, let dry then the exterior. I used West System 205. Suggestions?
  4. Rick thank you for answering both my questions. The other one in bottom paint. Royalex is plastic, correct? Or similar. My canoe is not with me currently. I will take a pic or two and get back to you with details. Thank you. Bill
  5. I just made a repair on a 6 x 8 inch hole in a fiberglass Old Town Canoe. Worked long and hard at preparation. Hours on a custom paint job too. When I moved the boat outside, the patch popped. I pulled at the popped edge and the glass all the way to the inside came off. What happend? Please help. Bill
  6. I have a Dyer 29 powerboat, 1968-70 that has god only knows how many layers of bottom paint. I mean layer upon layer upon layer. The chips are hard to break off. Is stripper still the way to go on this? I will post a picture or two if need be.