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  1. Thank you. Is 100% removal of the existing bottom paint necessary or just the loose material sanded and feathered out where it's chipped and rough?
  2. I have recently purchased a 1991 Scout 172 Sportfish that has at least a few coats of bottom paint. The boat has been trailered for at least the past few years that I know of and I will continue to trailer it with no plans for it to sit in the water. There is some minor cracking/impact damage to the bottom and heavy chipping in the paint where it has been riding on the bunks that I'd like to fix and smooth out. Then repaint the bottom and hull in either the original Scout sand color or in a bright white. How can I best achieve this goal? My thoughts were to pressure wash and then sand off all loose bottom paint. Grind out the cracks and minor damage and make proper epoxy repairs. But then I am not sure of how to proceed. Am i stuck with more bottom paint or can I use an epoxy primer over everything, maybe then some fairing filler over the epoxy primer where its might be needed, spot prime the filler and repaint ? Any advice and specific product recommendations would highly appreciated.