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  1. RIck, I ordered all the paint but now the weather hasn't cooperated so I have all winter to think about this project. How much do I need to sand the bottom? Am I completely removing the Awlgrip and scuffing up the fiberglass hull? Or am I just scuffing up the awlgrip? Soap/water to clean after sanding or acetone? Thanks for the help
  2. Thanks Rick. I had no idea Awlgrip was that sensitive to being in the water. I put her in the water yesterday and planned to pull her out next week to pain the bottom but sounds like this is a bad idea. Think a quart is enough of the barrier coat and bottom paint for a 16' Wahoo?
  3. Hello, I recently purchased a boat that was completely repainted with Awlgrip Snow White. I need to paint the bottom with antifouling/ablative paint. Is there a need to add a coat of primer or barrier coat before the paint or is the Awlgrip sufficient? Thanks