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  1. if i go with total boat, gray or white primer??
  2. rick, i have a gallon of pettit 2 part epoxy primer, is this good or the total boat??? thanks for all your help.
  3. mine is a 1978 the hull color is desert tan, which would be closest color in wet edge? or should i just paint it white? thanks
  4. What color would be close to original for the hull. Thanks
  5. Rick, is the regular primer good? Or stick with the 2 part??
  6. hello, i am getting ready to refinish a 1977 13 boston whaler, i would like to know what paint you recommend for the hull??? i plan on using wet edge in boston whaler blue on the interior with a 2 part epoxy primer. should i use the same primer for the hull??? how much paint will i need. thanks. i will be ordering as sonn as you get back to me. regards, john simone
  7. Hi, i will be painting my 13 boston whaler with wetedge paint in whaler blue. i will be using 2 coats of 2 part epoxy primer. i am going to roll and tip, how much paint will i need, and what type and how much thinner should i use??? thanks for your help