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  1. Hello, I'm getting ready to add a keel strip on the bottom of my sea kayak as I've worn off most of the gelcoat from dragging along sand beaches and general abuse. The boat is light-gray but I don't care that much about matching the color exactly, but sort of close would be nice. Anyway, I'm trying to decide between Aluminum Power or Graphite Powder. I've used graphite in the past and it seems really common for this purpose, but I also like the properties of the aluminum. I'm not sure how to decide... Are they actually similar enough either would do a good job? I'm going to do two layers of 8.7oz fiberglass tape. If I go with either Is it good practice to still add pigment for UV protection? Would gray/white pigment lighten up the graphite closer to a light-gray of the rest of my hull if I go that route? Thanks!