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  1. Newbie - we have a mercury 15 hp 4 stroke outboard. when we used it a few weeks ago, it ran, under protest but it worked. We had a fuel leak, on the water, my husband fixed it so we could get back. Since then, he has replaced the hoses, new spark plug, cleaned the carburetor (twice), new fuel filter, checked the fuel pump - it works. Today he cleaned all the wires, checked fuses checked the choke, etc. He had it started but as soon as he turned the screw to adjust the idle it quit and he can't get it going again. He has a repair manual for this model and followed everything he possibly could. Help please - would really not have to take it to a mechanic as he basically has taken the whole thing apart and cleaned or replaced everything already. Is there possible a step he is missing or didn't do? He also checked as many screws as he could see to be sure they are in tight.