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  1. Thanks so much these instructions apply to Jamestown"s penetrating epoxy with the cold temp hardener (crystal clear?) Again, Thank you. Best Bob S
  2. Hello All - have just finished watching some videos on using penetrating epoxy and varnish on wooden boat seats and trim.None of the videos showed them using this system on teak. Unless there are reasons not to, I'd like to use this process on my teak trim. I have an "88 Mako with the original teak trim, not a lot of it and none of it is decking or surfaces that are walked on. The teak I do have is old and has been cleaned many times by scrubbing so is pretty worn. Anyway, I'm wondering if those of you with a lot more experience than me think this would work out well or is the teak, even 30 year old teak, still too oily to work for this. Thanks in advance! - Bob S.