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  1. I am building a Lightning sailboat. Planking is WR Cedar. On the inside of the hull, I first applied a coat of Pettit Wood Sealer. Then I applied 4 coats of SeaGold. But, since I prefer some sheen, and the "satin" SeaGold finish was actually invisible, I decided to apply Epifanes Clear Gloss to get some sheen. According to the video on SeaGold, it seemed OK to apply traditional varnish over it. And according to the Epifanes Instructions it seemed OK to apply it on top of the SeaGold. I sanded the SeaGold lightly and the 1st coat of Epifanes came out fine. I sanded lightly again and the 2nd coat of Epifanes came out rough. The texture was like a non-skid surface and the appearance was as if it had thousands of little air bubbles that had popped. After doing some reading, I suspected I had a case of the "fish eyes" in the 2nd coat. And the advice was to sand that coat off. So I sanded with 120 grit until the rough looking coat was gone. And then I applied another coat of Epifanes. It came out better and I have lightly sanded that coat. Next step is to apply another coat. My work is being done in a Vermont garage with a couple of electric heaters. Temp has been between 60 & 70 and the humidity has been below 70 percent. I thinned the 1st coat of Epifanes 50 percent and the 2nd coat 25 percent. Am I on the right track?