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  1. I have a 90-year old wood launch that I have repaired and taken down to the bare wood. I now need to paint the bottom. What do you recommend for priming below the waterline? It has been suggested that I thin a solvent-based bottom paint 25 - 50% and use a couple coats of that as a primer, then a double coat of in-thinned paint over it. Thoughts? Thanks.
  2. will the lumps eventually dissolve? How much is too much water?
  3. I purchased a gallon of Total Boat water-based bottom paint and used a bit over half the gallon last year. I sealed it and turned it over to keep as much air out as possible. When I opened it the other day, the paint had the consistency of cheese curd or soft cottage cheese. It stirs easily enough, but the lumps will not smooth out, even when stirred mechanically. The lumps will squish between thumb and forefinger. so they are not hard, but they make the paint useless. (Not happy) Can you tell me the cause and the fix, if there is one? Thanks. Jay