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  1. Rick I will use it in freshwater and it could be in the water for 2-3 days. Would you use a dark blue above and below water line? I want it to match with maybe a thin red line at the water line
  2. Need you guidance .... Recently acquired a CM21 with original paint. The total plan in to repaint the outside and inside of the boat. I want to change the color from the original white and blue to dark blue outside and white deck and white inside. I need to know the steps or order in which I need to proceed. 1.Hull paint.. do I use a special paint for this? (I want it dark blue) 2. Do I use a special paint below the waterline? 3. Is the inside paint the same as the white I will use on the topside? Any guidance will be much appreciated. Also I will be using your product. After all the video's I have watched, seems everyone suggest Total Boat