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  1. Will TotalProtect Primer adhere to an acrylic plastic dome? My goal is to Gelcoat the dome, but I wasn't sure if it is necessary to prime it first with TotalProtect or if I can apply the Gelcoat directly to the plastic. Note that this will be for an above water component.
  2. I'm working on an outdoor sculpture that is going to be installed outside in Iowa for one to three years. The design is being carved out of EPS foam, and I was interested in using TotalBoat epoxy and GelCoat, but I have a couple of questions. Can I apply TotalBoat Epoxy directly to EPS foam without melting issues similar to Fiberglass resin? Does white GelCoat need to be painted or will the white color be unaffected by the weather and sun? Do I need to cover the foam with a fiberglass material before applying the epoxy or can I use the Epoxy directly on the foam? What would be the best combinations of TotalBoat products to make sure it is durable enough to be mounted on a wall, be weather resistant, and shiny like a waxed car? I was thinking Epoxy Resin, then GelCoat, then a final layer of High-Performance Epoxy to make it extra shiny or could I get by simply GelCoating the EPS foam and finishing it off with High-Performance Epoxy. Sorry for all the questions. Let me know if it would be easier to chat on the phone.