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  1. Thank you Rick!
  2. Thank you Rick!
  3. I plan to spray my cockpit and deck. I would like to spray the hatches in place, then pull them up and roll and/or brush the support beams. They are only visible when the hatches are open. I did not want to tape off everything below decks to save time. Can I do this touching up with a roller or brush, or just bite the bullet and tape them off and spray them. They are the size of 2 by 4's, more or less, and it would save a lot of time. Thanks!
  4. I would like to spray my decks with AwlCraft when I paint the cockpit, then put down non-skid. Can they be on top of one another? If so, which to do first? Or should I tape off the walking paths for non-skid and do them separately? Thank you!