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  1. Thanks Rick. I'm researching it now. A small homeowner sized unit may just work with my current compressor. We'll see. Gracias amigo!
  2. I'm trying to get a jump on the season by wooding the bottom of my 31' yawl prior to reefing, recaulking, paying and painting the bottom, hopefully finishing in time for an early June launch. There are probably 6-8 coats of hydrocoat on top of an unknown number of basic red oil based bottom paint. I've tried torch heating and scraping, surforming and grinding with a porous disk paint remover. After several hours of effort I have barely a square foot of bottom wooded. The paint doesn't bubble up like oil base paints do with a judicious application of torch heat, and I'm finding the wood beginning to char under the paint in the few spots I was able to scrape of...not good. Surforms and the disk grinder just seem to burnish the paint, never getting down to the bottom layers. My understanding is that liquid and paste paint removers don't work with Hydrocoat and regardless, it won't be warm enough to use for several months. Has anyone had any success removing water based bottom paint down to bare wood or FG? The hull is plank on frame, mahogany on oak with bronze screws. Thanks.