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  1. Thanks, Rick. I haven't had a chaance this morning to try Lust with a brush, but this topic begs the question; why do you supply black foam brushes in the LUST kit?
  2. I'm having a problem with this product, using foam brushes. I have always used Captains, but thought I'd give Total Boat Lust a try, so I order a pint kit to try it out. Using a brand new foam brush, there is a blackish contanmination apparent in the applied varnish. I tried a test piece with the same brand of new brush, and Captains, with no discoloration. I'll give Total Boat another try with a badger hair brush, but so far, I'm dissapointed. I have to strip the pieces I've just coated.
  3. Personally, I love the look of varnished teak together with oiled teak.
  4. The Beta Marine diesel in my launch is 2 years old, and shows no signs of any leaks whatsoever, but it's amazing what a few ounces of diesel fuel will do to mess up a tidy bilge. In the old days, we poured some Automatic Bilge cleaner into the bilge, and after a while, the boat's motion,coupled with the detergent, did a pretty good job. All we had to do was pump the bilge. Is there an environmentally friendly product now available, and if so, how do you use it, then get it out of the bilge?