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  1. I'm sorry, I thought they were 4" boat cleats not 14""!! Just make sure to use S.S. bolts, SS teflon lock nuts and SS flat washer for a boat or just SS wood screws and washer for a deck. The side is probably 1/4" to 3/8 x whatever length plus washer and nuts.
  2. It depends on how much weight or stress will be put upon the screw-eye. If only a light amount of stress will be applied it will probably work. I would recommend pre-drilling a "start hole" for inserting the screw eye, with a tiny drill bit (slightly smaller than the size of the shank of the screw eye.)When I used these screw eyes I was hanging a small(1 1/2")wooden acorn from a ribbon. the screw eye was inserted into the top of the acorn.
  3. If I understand punky spalted wood correctly the answer is yes.You'll need to apply it once or twice a day for several days until the wood has soaked up enough to do the job.Once you do that any finishes ( Varnish, LP, paint)will adhere very well.
  4. KevinWhat type of wood? What would you like it to look like finished? My dad liked weathered, grey teak. I liked bright teak. I worked hard while my dad watched with a beer in hand. CPES could help depending on wood & desired outcome
  5. Sir. I had the mechanic at the marina where I store my boat in the winter hook the unit up.I only wish my legs were a tad longer but other wise it's a great unitBestDave berger
  6. Hi Jim:I have not yet applied paint or varnish over the CPES. Smith's website says that it is specifically made to be an underlayer for varnish. Check it out.
  7. The answer is yes to both questions. I have used this epoxy to strengthen spalted wood. Also, there are many times when I will apply a coat of epoxy before applying a spar varnish finish. It is a very good combination. Finally, virtually all glues will adhere to the epoxy surface where they will not stick well to a varnished surface.
  8. I use the epifane clear varnish to finish new and refinish old exterior mahogany doors. I apply a minimum of six coats to obtain the deep gloss finish that seems to hold up extremely well in our area. (Alabama) The doors look great and with some protection from the hot sun, i have some doors that have gone for 6-8 years without any maintenance. When the finish does dull, a light sanding and an additional coat seems to work well.
  9. It is a good product, so long as you apply multiple(6-8) coats according to label instructions. You will have to reapply two coats annually, more if in southern latitudes.
  10. I Don't know the answer to your question. I use this filter to protect my water pressure pump on a trawler yacht, and would not expect this mostly plastic item to handle engine coolant. It works fine to clear debris from my water tank, but that's very different from your proposed use. You'll have to call Jabsco for a truly knowledgable answer.
  11. I would not use this strainer assembly for water as hot as that in an engine cooling system. Works great for cool water - not recommended for hot water.