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  1. Thanks! I was hoping to do a 2 tone paint job with some blue. Is there a similar product with a wider color range?
  2. So the boat isn't sinking or anything, but I have a very light weight 14' aluminum fishing boat from the 1950s that I pulled out of the woods. I have gotten it into working order, but some of the rivets leak a good bit. I've heard horror stories about people who attempt to fix this and make the problem worse. I plan to paint the boat soon, so I'd like to fix this before I put the new paint on. Any suggestions, or should I just flatten them out a bit more with a hammer and steel as I've planned? Thanks!
  3. To piggy back on this topic, I am painting a 1950s 14' aluminum fishing boat and I had a couple questions. I have a mix of raw aluminum and paint since I pulled this out of the woods basically. I assume that this means that I need to sand down to bare aluminum, etch, prime and then pain it, correct? Also, I trailer my boat between fishing trips. Do I need bottom paint? Would it help keep down the roller rub wear? -Thanks!