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  1. bought 2 cans initially. used 1 and about 50% of second.
  2. Have applied 3 coats of Epiphanes Wood Finish Gloss per below and have thousands of microbubbles. thought I'd avoid lots of sanding and go with this product that can be recoated without sanding within 72 hrs and has rave reviews on this site, amazon, etc. ended up with a big mess. 1) coat 1 applied with china brush over west system cured for at least 6 months, sanded 220 and vacuumed/wiped with denatured alcohol rags 2) 24 hrs later lots of microbubbles that I thought were dust so sanded to 320 wiped with tack cloth as was worried about denatured alcohol potentially causing issues and recoated with brush again 3) 24 hrs later enormous number of bubbles (see attached photo) so sanded to 320 again, vacuumed and waited additional 24 hrs for dust to settle and wiped with denatured alcohol rags again and recoated with brush and immediately covered with new plastic dropcloth suspended 12 inches above surface and vented on both ends of boat. been 2 days since last coat and I have the mess you see in the spotlighted area of the attached photo completely covering all surfaces varnished. I've spent over 300 hrs on this custom west system/marine plywood driftboat and used mahogany and tiger maple so brightwork would be stunning but now have a mess. shop temp was consistent 70 degrees using heaters. what do you think is going on and how do I fix...?
  3. so after applying epifanes wood finish gloss to two separate 8x8 areas over two days and covering each immediately with a bucket to rule out dust, both produced dozens of microbubbles overnight. varnish went on beautifully and was smooth as glass upon application...overnight however bubbles formed each time. So had enough and took out my heat gun, scraper and sander yesterday and got that crap off the horizontal decks and gonna paint them to match outside hull which is a Kirby enamel that went on beautifully. very disappointing to have a product fail and even more disappointing to have epifanes tech support claim that problem was dust and ignore subsequent emails with images showing results when applications were covered with a bucket to eliminate dust as an option. sure they've got much larger customers to focus on, but they don't have a customer who will have a boat to be prouder of than this one.
  4. talked to tech support guy from epiphanes just now and he swears it's dust based on description of process, etc. tried zooming in on whatever it is with magnifying glass and can't tell. took pic with good digital camera zoomed way in an it's attached. dust ? took lots of dust precautions including covering last coat with new plastic sheet about 12 in above work but ends were open...dust would have had to move horizonally 6-8 feet sideways to get under plastic. is dust that evil ??? I've actually sprayed finishes in same garage with 4 stage hvlp with very little dust issues, but maybe that's it ??