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  1. I used the Boatguard as a first coat, then applied two coats of Micron EU over that, no problems.
  2. I started painting my J24 with what was left of last seasons bottom paint. International Boatguard Extra. There won't be enough to finish two coats, I have a new can of International Micron Extra EU I want to apply directly over the new coat of Boatguard. That shouldn't be a problem should it?
  3. Hey Rick, Thanks for all the help with my J boat, on the Interlux website it says this: Apply one or two coats of Pre-Kote, depending on the condition of the surface, sanding between coats with 120 grit sandpaper until translucent and with 220 grit sandpaper between Pre-Kote and finish. I have a bunch of 220 for my orbital sander, is it okay to use that or is hand sanding recommended?
  4. I would follow the interprotect guidelines on bare metal priming and skip using any other metal primer. I did that on my lead keel for the J24 it works great.
  5. Is soldering better than using connectors? Then using liquid electric tape covered with super tape, you know the stretchy stuff that molds to itself. Then one thin layer of vinyl tape with one thin coat of liquid?
  6. Thanks again Rick, Does the Pre-kote need sanding before the Brightsides?
  7. Thanks Rick, I have a bunch of 220 for my Random Orbit sander, is that too fine before the pre kote? Does the pre kote need more to "stick" to in other words? I can get 320 paper sheets no problem here in Okinawa, should that be wet or dry sanded? In all I'm happy it's just a little boat, I'd hate to do all this on a 45 footer by myself!
  8. First time on the forum, I am looking for some instructional help. I live in Okinawa, Japan and don't have the usual supply chain you all might. What I have is a 20 year old or more J24 (made by Nissan Marine) that is a former racer. It has spent most of it's life on a cradle so it's in relatively good shape. When I got it however it had been tied up to the dock for over a year. The barnacles and the water inside had it about 4 inches below it's regular waterline. I pulled the boat last May and put her back up on a cradle. I sanded the whole hull below decks with a random orbit sander to 80 grit. The osmosis was quite minimal, I popped, scraped, and sanded the blisters out, Let her sit for 5 months to dry out, then refilled with epoxy and silica. I now have the bottom faired to acceptable and it's got 4 coats of Interprotect loaded below waterline waiting for my bottom paint to come in, then it will be the 5th coat of interprotect and Antifouling bottom paint. So, I think that's all good. Now, for above the waterline. Remember it's sanded down to 80 grit with a random orbit sander. I have a 4 quarts of Pre Kote, and a pint of 333 thinner coming in about 10 days with the Antifouling bottom paint, and have 4 quarts of white Brightsides in hand. I have had some advice on how to apply, everything from foam roller and foam brush to roll and tip with. To only use a natural fiber brush and thin it like water brush in one direction, sand between and put 4 coats on. So long story I know, here's my questions. What do I do that's best? And am I looking okay so far? Thanks for your consideration.