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  1. I brushed Fine Paints of Europe Dutchlac on a door the other day. It went on super thick. I kept adding mineral spirits to thin it out but I ended up with quite a bit of orange peel. It has been 72-hours and the paint has cured and for the most part looks good. But where the orange peel was bad it's all gummed up and not really cured. Do I wait and let that cure. Or do I just sand it off?
  2. I have mixed graphite powder with Epoxy and that worked fine and did make the final surface a bit lower friction. But I have not heard of anyone trying to create an antifouling surface with a copper powder in an Epoxy. The coat of Epoxy will certainly do a good job at sealing your boat's bottom. I am afraid that the copper powder will be marginal at best for antifouling purposes. Bottompaint uses different technologies to release the copper biocide at a controlled rate. i would not know how much Copper you could add... and I would have no idea at what rate it would be released.
  3. These Roofing Nails would certainly work in your application but the head size is overkill. You might want to just go with a Threaded Annular Ring nail.
  4. Many people use Copper Cut tacks for stretching canvas. Just make sure to use them at a regular interval around the edge of your canvas - the closer together obviously the better it will hold. Yes -- these are certainly sharp.
  5. 3M Scotch Brite Pads are used by lots of people to prep varnish work. They are easy to use and have good longevity. You need to be careful though. Scotch Brite pads can be too aggressive and will remove more material than you want. You mention using them in preparation for a Final coat -- certainly this could work but you would want to use them very lightly. A better choice might be a higher grit sandpaper.