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  1. Is there a very good or compelling reason not to use steam bent red oak sealed with turpentine and linseed oil and fastened with copper nails and roves for the gunwale of a small trailer stored sailing dinghy? For me red oak in almost any quantity is free. So is ash for that matter, and even cherry.
  2. Simple question: is it reasonable to use a one part topside urethane or other non ablative finish for the hull of my dinghy. It will be trailered exclusively, and used primarily for day sailing. I'm looking for reasonable appearance and not an as new high gloss defect free gel coat sanding fandango exercise. Fairing is ongoing so the hull at least doesn't wind up looking like the surface of the moon once painted. Any specific paint suggestion would be appreciated. Got badly burned buying this dinghy and trailer. Too much enthusiasm I think. Duh. Best regards, Duncan