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  1. Hi Rick, Thank you. I must agree she is a great boat. I am looking forward to the next few years of getting her back into shape. Any thoughts on an HVLP system?
  2. Good morning everyone, This is my first post. My wife and I recently purchased the 1958 Trumpy 53' motor yacht Broadview. Over all she is in solid mechanical and structural condition. Unfortunately she was not maintained cosmetically. The previous owner decided it was easier to take short cuts cosmetically rather than maintain her. Her beautiful mahogany interior has been painted over and her hull was poorly faired with Bondo. Yes, Automotive Bondo and painted the hull with what appears to be latex paint. Over the next several years we will be brining her back to hopefully Bristol condition. One of my first projects will be to strip the hull remove the bondo and properly fair, prime and paint the hull. I have not decided on a pint system yet. Bright sides, Perfection, Total boat, or any of the others available. At this time I am interested in spraying her hull. I am looking into HVLP systems. Turbinaire, Apollo, etc. From my research I think I have decided on a minimum system of 4 stages. But that is about as far as I have gotten. Can anyone help me determine what might be the best all around system to spray primer, paint (bright side, Perfection, laquer) even automotive. I estimate that each side of the boat is roughly 424 sq. ft. (53x8). That would be the maximum area at a time to be sprayed at any one time. Thanks for any input. Donovan